Vermona Modular TwinVCFilter

The twinVCFilter is a dual filter module with flexible routing and excellent audio properties.

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Features and Routing Each filter section of twinVCFilter works as low- or highpass-filter with a slope of 12 dB/octave or as bandpass-filter with 6 db/octave.
Signals can be directed in three ways through the module:

serial: The incoming signal passes both filter sections in a row.
dual: The filter sections act completely separated of each other. As if they were two individual filter modules.
parallel: The incoming signal passes both filters at the same time.
With these routings you can i.e. generate bandpasses or notches with variable slopes and different resonance settings or doubling the filter’s slope. These are the more obvious combinations but there is a lot more to discover.

The convenient link-feature allows to couple cutoff- and resonance of both filter sections for straightforward stereo use in dual mode. Mix section The flexible signal-routing is supplemented by the mix-section. Here you can crossfade both filter sections manually or by control voltages.
Seamless movements from low- to highpass-filter, is as easy as crossfading from half to doubled slope. Of course you can mix two completely individual signals or toggle between them by using a rectangle-LFO-modulation.
Resonance is a key factor in the context of sound-shaping and sound-generation using a filter. Therefore we carefully trimmed twinVCFilter’s resonance to be as musically and stable as possible. You can apply subtle frequency-dependent emphasis to signals and tear them up to self-oscillation. The latter generates a solid sine-wave which is an excellent base for percussive sounds.
Possible cross-modulations significantly enhance the sound-generator features. By the way: If you are missing a vibrato-LFO in a patch, twinVCFilter can do the job. twinVCFilter offers a huge set of features to form impressive soundscapes. It can take subtle influence to signals or massively truncate frequencies. It leaves nothing to be desired. Despite, for those who need additional possibilities we especially designed the tVCF-Extension module.
Power consumption:
75mA at 12 V and 55mA at -12 V (standalone)105mA at 12 V and 75mA at -12 V (with tVCF Extension)Depth: 40mm

HP : 24