Vermona VCDrive

VCDrive is a voltage controlled distortion module suited for all kind of signals within your modular system.

CHF 209.00

UGS : 28832 Catégorie : Marque :

The large sonic spectrum of VCDrive ranges from slight fattening of audio signals to intense overdrive. At the same time, it will always preserve its elegant basic nature. This module is not a brutal destroyer, but rather an enormous muscle pack with a classy core. The amount of distortion can be manually adjusted or being modulated by an external control voltage. In the simplest case, you use an envelope or LFO to do so. However, given a good portion of creativity, VCDrive will easily deliver more complex results and therefore can be so much more than just a “typical” distortion unit.
VCDrive is a premium sound shaping device that should not be missing in any modular system. It is an effective team player when it comes to create cutting bass-, lead- and drum-sounds. It is also of great help when designing weird effect-sounds.
Power consumption: 30mA at 12 V and 30mA at -12 V
Depth: 36mm HP : 6