Make Noise Rene 2 / 2018

Make Noise Rene – Cartesian Sequencer

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Make Noise Rene 2 
The René music synthesizer module is a a powerful three-dimensional prism of composition. It is the world’s only 3D Cartesian Music Sequencer. Named for the French philosopher & mathematician René Descartes, it uses the Cartesian coordinate system to unlock the analog step sequencer from the shackles of linearity. The original René was a one-channel, two-dimensional Cartesian sequencer with limited memory, this new René is a three-channel, three-dimensional Cartesian sequencer with memory for up to 64 complete STATEs. Considering the multiple channels and FUN programming options across »

3 CV outputs for controlling pitch or timbre
3 Gate outputs for generating musical events
Snake and Cartesian patterns available simultaneously
STORE all Programming in one of 64 STATEs.
New Z-Axis allows for modulating through any combination of 64 STOREd STATEs
All programming done real-time, programming of René is a key performance element
Visualization of pattern activity always displayed on left half with 16 illuminated Knobs
Visual indication of Programming always displayed on right half with 16 illuminated touch buttons
Communicates w/ TEMPI via Select Bus to Select, Store, Revert, Multi-Paste and MESH STATEs
Maximum amount of artist controlled musical variation, derived from minimum amount of analog data input
All new touch sensing technology tested successfully on the most commonly used euro rack power solutions


Width: 34hp
Max Depth: 24mm
235mA@ 12V
0mA @ -12V