analog complex oscillator | thru-zero PM

CHF 475.00

UGS : MINDPHASER Catégorie :

• Built in precision OCTAVE SWITCH on the Modulator VCO
This control replaces the original toggle which selected between LFO or audio rate ranges for the Modulator. Now, you simply step up or down one tap of the switch at a time, seamlessly stepping through octaves! For FM and Phase Modulation, this is super fun since it effectively doubles, or halves the Modulator:Carrier ratio (think classic FM with the DX7 for example, and having even ratios). Great fun when exploring sounds.
• Enhanced, much more stable VCO CORES
Much range! Much stability, yes! The Modulator has a range from down in LFO ranges of minutes per cycle, all the way up to about 60kHz on the high end of audio! The cores are much more stable than before, while still sounding great.
A simple push button switch toggles each Modulator and Carrier’s saw/ramp wave to be either rising or falling on the beginning of the VCO cycle. Very useful for hard synced basslines, as well as when using the Modulator in sub-audio ranges! Like the other blinkenlights, there is a nice looking inversion indicator that lights up when the saw is inverted for that output. Just one more performance and sound design feature to make this a super fun module to develop wild sounds with!