Supercritical Synthesizers Demon Core Oscillator

The Demon Core Oscillator is a 16-voice DCO based on classic keyboard synthesizers.

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Supercritical Synthesizers Demon Core Oscillator
This module offers also a static detune spread and a CV controllable core stability feature similar to Sequential Synthesizers. It introduces VCO-like pitch drift and jitter, allowing the module to sound like 80’s polysynths.
With the help of the separately available Expander, the module can be played polyphonically via MIDI.

16 configurable voices (octave, stacks)
Saw and pulse waves with PWM ranging from 0-100%
Coarse tune for 6 octave range with half-step increments
Fine tune for ± half step range
A blinking tuning indicator for finding C note in every octave and A440 fine tuning
1V/oct master pitch CV
Linear FM CV (±8V) with attenuator
Combined Spread / PWM CV (±8V) with offset function
Stability CV (±8V) with offset function
Trigger input for synchronizing the phases for all waves