Vermona uniCYCLE VCO

The UniCYCLE painstakingly follows 1V/octave for over 5 octaves.

CHF 265.00

UGS : 28797 Catégorie : Marque :

It simultaneously produces six wave forms, which include sawtooth, triangle, pulse and sine, but also unusual selections like “even” and “double sawtooth” (double frequnecy), which can both be modulated by the PWM controls. “Even” has only even overtones and can be transformed into a sine-like wave form. “double sawtooth” can be transformed into a triangular wave form.
The UniCYCLE is capable of soft and hard oscillator sync as well as exponential and linear FM.
Power consumption: 70mA at 12 V and 60mA at -12 V
Depth: 45mm