WMDevices Synchrodyne

Audio creation and manipulation, WMD style

CHF 499.00

UGS : Synchrodyne Catégorie :

WMDevices Synchrodyne
Introducing the WMD Synchrodyne, a multi part and multi use eurorack module for the creation and manipulation of audio. Containing several pieces to a traditional synthesizer voice, the Synchrodyne is a powerful addition to any subtractive oriented system. However, it is designed primarily as an experimental sound source/filter, intended to push the limits of modular synthesis…WMD style.

Front End Linear VCA
Switchable Four Stage WaveFolder
TempCo Sawcore VCO
Linear (AC/DC) & Expo (DC) FM
Bipolar Attenuators for FM
Calibrated 1V/Oct Input
Hard Sync Input
VCO Range ~.02Hz – >=400kHz
Phase Locked Loop
PLL Frequency Multiplier/Divider
Variable Slew & Damping in PLL
Switched Capacitor Filter
Multimode Filter Output
-12 & -24 dB/oct Output Taps
Stable Self-Oscillation at -24dB/oct
Voltage Control of Filter Resonance
Single Stage WaveFolder on Outs

14HP, ~60mA Power Draw
100% Analog/Discrete/CMOS