Shakmat Modular – HiPass

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Shakmat Modular – HiPass
Looking for a few simple filters to attenuate low frequencies?! Hipass from Shakmat offers four fixed Butterworth high pass filters in just 2 HP. Two of them cut off at 30Hz and the other two cut off at 100Hz, all with a slope of -18dB per octave. Perfect to “clean up” your mix!
The Hipass module from Shakmat provides four high pass filters in only 2 TE.
These are not voltage controllable, but offer a very smooth sound thanks to the Butterworth circuit design, with a slope of -18dB per octave (3 poles).
The first two filters (1 and 2) cut off at 30 Hz. These can remove DC from your signals and attenuate very low frequencies.
Filters 3 and 4 cut the input signal slightly higher, at 100 Hz. Similar to the Lo Cut designs of mixers, they facilitate mixing by cutting off the low frequencies of signals, giving other signal more room in this frequency spectrum.